Become a Member

Step 1: Setup a Standing Order

This can only be set up in a bank where an individual has an account. You will need St. Barbara’s bank details:

Barclays Bank
Sort Code: 202046
Account number: 33974146.

Please inform your bank of the amount and frequency of the payment (The preference is monthly payments, and for this to be paid on the first day of the month.)

For convenience it may be easier to set up the amount of your Standing Order for £5 per month per individual, or £10 per couple, the equivalent of £1.15 per week.

You will need to include a ‘reference’ on your payment; this should be your name and ‘Membership’ for ease of identification for our Treasurer.

Inform your bank of how long you wish the payment to be active; however, you can cancel it any time, and you can also set this up online.

Step 2: Fill in the membership form

Please fill in the below form so we have your most up to date information.